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New Local Law adopted

New Local Law adopted

Thursday 21 July 2022

Bass Coast Shire Council has adopted its new Local Law (Local Law No. 1 Neighbourhood Amenity 2022), which was developed based on significant feedback from the community, Councillors and Council Officers.

The Local Law covers a range of diverse topics, from unsightly land, roadside and footpath trading to planting on nature strips and management of building sites. It empowers Council to respond to local issues and to protect public and private spaces, as well as the community’s health and safety.

Some of the key changes in the new Local Law are the inclusion of Short Stay Accommodation Registration and the Significant Tree Register.

With 2,805 properties currently available to book, short stay rental accommodation is popular in Bass Coast. This new Local Law provides clear guidelines for the required standards for the operation of this type of accommodation. This will include the requirement for short stay accommodation properties to be registered with Council, noting a contact person and also providing neighbours with their contact details (if not living on the property).

Bass Coast Shire Mayor Cr Michael Whelan explained that, “By registering short stay accommodation providers, Council can help ensure a minimum standard of guidelines.

“These will in turn minimise the risks of this accommodation affecting the peace of neighbours. Waste was also identified as a big issue.

“The Bass Coast community continues to lead the way in terms of waste management and recycling and we will seek waste management plans from property owners alongside registration.

“Now the Local Law has been adopted, Council Officers will develop the process for how owners of properties will need to register their short term accommodation, outline the responsibilities of owners and set the fees to register a Short Stay Accommodation property.”

Cr Whelan said the systems and processes for the Significant Tree Register will also be developed over the next six months.

“This will help us to determine how the register will be formed and the different stakeholders who will be involved in the project,” Cr Whelan said.

Cr Whelan said that these significant additions to the Local Law will not be enforced until 1 January 2023.

“This will provide us with sufficient time to not only develop the processes that are needed to ensure these new Laws are implemented effectively, but also to engage with the community to make sure they understand the new requirements, prior to them being enforced,” Cr Whelan concluded.