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Mayors Message - 8 November 2022

Mayors Message - 8 November 2022

Tuesday 8 November 2022
Cr Michael Whelan

Public transport keeps our community moving, especially as surging fuel prices make it increasingly challenging for many people to drive their own cars.

Demand for an effective public transport system is only going to increase as our population continues to grow.

This is why, Council is advocating hard on behalf of the Bass Coast community for improved public transport within the region.

Transport into and around Bass Coast is severely lacking in the number of services and connectivity. There is a developed public transport network for Bass Coast Shire, which covers the main townships. However, it is infrequent and, in the case of the town buses, does not operate on weekends.

We seek Public Transport Victoria (PTV) to initiate a broad-ranging review of the current bus services in the Bass Coast Shire to determine needs and demands for public transport within the community.

The main areas of current concern are:

The lack of a regular bus service to and from Cape Paterson and Wonthaggi on Saturdays and Sundays utilising the Wonthaggi Town Service bus route.

The need for the extension of the bus route to provide a bus stop for residents who live at The Cape Estate in Cape Paterson.

The review would also help identify how the transport system will cope with the ongoing growth in Bass Coast, in particular, in the areas of resident population, tourism and freight.

Enhancements to existing services will reduce the region’s private car dependency, resultant emissions and significant congestion during peak periods. Council has declared a climate emergency and will work with the community towards achieving net-zero emissions over the next ten years.

I’m proud of the work we are doing in relation to a study on an on-demand transport service for Phillip Island and San Remo and look forward to sharing more about that in coming weeks.

Improving our transport options will also increase accessibility to jobs and education and have a significant positive impact on the local community.