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Mayor's Message - 8 December

Mayor's Message - 8 December

Tuesday 8 December 2020
Mayor's Message
Cr Brett Tessari

It’s good to be back! I would like to start my first Mayor’s Message for this term by acknowledging the Councillors from the previous term. As a team, we made some really important and sometimes difficult decisions and also had some exciting achievements throughout the four years, all while doing our best to represent and advocate for our community. On that note, I would like to welcome my fellow incoming Councillors, including four new faces, to the next four-year term. I am really looking forward to continuing our productive and meaningful work for the community we live in and love.

In my last Message, I talked about the effect the pandemic and lockdown has had. It is now great to see that, three months later, we are slowly coming back to a certain type of ‘normal’. Summer is here, Christmas is on its way – and Victoria has managed more than 30 straight days without a new case of COVID-19. That is definitely something to celebrate!

Council has been advocating for further investment in Wonthaggi to manage growth and become a designated regional centre for Bass Coast. To achieve this and attract investment Council has partnered with the Wonthaggi Business and Tourism Association (WBTA) by launching Wonthaggi – Discover our Secrets campaign last Thursday at Apex Park. You might have already seen some of the flags up in Wonthaggi – which is just the start of this campaign that is designed to foster curiosity, raise the profile of the town and encourage exploration of Wonthaggi’s many hidden treasures and inspire visitation and investment. You can find out more about the campaign on our website. There is much more to Wonthaggi than meets the eye and it’s time our town’s hidden treasures were revealed to the world.

It is great to see that the WBTA’s new president Amy Easton is so enthusiastic and positive about driving more interest in Wonthaggi, from visitors and locals alike. I think this is also a good time to mention that Phillip Island’s businesses are reinvigorating their trader’s association, with the establishment of the Phillip Island Business Network, with another talented and positive young woman at the helm in Claire Sawatzky.

Finally, I know that as the weather heats up, our favourite thing to do is head to one of our beautiful beaches for a swim. While taking a dip in the ocean is a great way to cool off, it can also be dangerous. Make sure you download the Beachsafe App, familiarise yourself with rips and how to spot them – and never swim alone.