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Mayor's Message - 7 February

Mayor's Message - 7 February

Thursday 7 February 2019
Mayor's Message
Cr Brett Tessari

I am constantly reminded of our generous and compassionate community spirit and the dedication of volunteers across our Shire. The recent emergency situation during the bushfire in the Grantville area, near Adams Estate, highlighted just how deeply these qualities run through our community.

I would like to thank each and every person who, through sweat and hard work, fought to protect homes and livestock. Also to everyone who provided support and assistance to those stuck in the thick of it.

During the community information session held in Grantville, one question stuck out, because it was repeated by many: How can I help?

I am so proud of our community's willingness to serve and their selfless thoughts and actions. Whether it was re-homing livestock, cutting sandwiches or simply lending a hand, there were many who came forward to offer what they could to support their community. Thank you.

Victorians understand the threat and severity of bushfires. This month we commemorate 10 years since Black Saturday, when the worst bushfires in Australia's history ripped through the lives of thousands.

As we saw, conditions can change quickly, causing situations to escalate. One of the best ways to stay up to date and informed is to download the Vic Emergency App. I was constantly checking the App during the Grantville fire and it provided vital information including risks, road closures and advice.

Our ambitions to establish a regional tertiary study hub in Bass Coast are gaining momentum and support. The tertiary education centre is one of our key advocacy priorities. On Tuesday last week, the steering group for this project met for the first time. We considered a draft business case for the centre and discussed the next steps.

We have received plenty of  support for this project from many key stakeholders including state and federal members, which is great news for Bass Coast. Watch this space.

Cr Brett Tessari, Mayor

Bass Coast Shire Council