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Mayor's Message - 29 March

Mayor's Message - 29 March

Tuesday 29 March 2022
Cr Michael Whelan

We are continuing to meet with Federal election candidates in the lead up to the election, to talk all things advocacy. Most recently, we met with Independent candidate Deb Leonard to chat about our Advocacy Priorities and in particular, Aquatics, Bass Coast Dinosaurs Trail, Tracks and Trails and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation.

I also attended meetings with Victorian Greenhouse Alliances and the Municipal Association of Victoria, to firm up our climate based advocacy leading into the Federal and State elections. We are calling for reduced emissions and greater spending on climate change adaptation, with a clear roadmap for delivery for the path to net zero and interim emissions reduction targets. We are also advocating for strategic investment in carbon sequestration, as well as the removal of import tariffs and taxes on electric vehicles and an increased investment in active and public transport.

Our Climate Change Action Plan, which can be found at outlines the actions that we are taking as an organisation to help Bass Coast reach net zero emissions by 2030. We have recently received funding to install four public Electric Vehicle Chargers and to support two privately operated chargers by May 2023. Council’s charging stations will be installed at Newhaven at the Visitor Information Centre, at Wonthaggi Art Space, at the Grantville Transaction Centre and in Inverloch. We have also recently been successful in a grant for the Corinella District Community Centre to install a 13.32 kW Solar Power System, as well as13.5kWh of battery storage. This project has been funded under the Sustainability Victoria ‘Community Climate Change and Energy Action Program’ and Council. This project should be ready to launch by the end of May.

It was also really exciting to launch the solar power system that was recently installed on the Coronet Bay Hall today (Tuesday, 29 March). The event also included a community drop-in session to learn about renewable energy and its benefits, as well as sustainability and funding opportunities.