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Mayors Message - 28 December 2022

Mayors Message - 28 December 2022

Wednesday 28 December 2022
Cr Michael Whelan

I hope you have had a fabulous Christmas. It is a very hard time of the year to not find ourselves with additional waste.

Reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill is a key action in our Climate Change Action Plan and it’s one we take seriously. We are proud to the best in the State, for the third year running, in diverting kerbside waste from landfill.

Whether you live here, or are just visiting Bass Coast for the summer please help us protect our precious environment by avoiding waste if you can, using the right bin and recycling what you can.

Here’s some tips to help you out;

Cardboard - Whether it's gift boxes or food packaging; Christmas generates A LOT of cardboard. Cardboard disposed of in your Bass Coast Recycling bin is turned into new cardboard products. If you have more cardboard waste than your kerbside Recycling bin can tolerate, remember that it’s free to recycle cardboard at Council’s waste facilities.

E-Waste – Lucky enough to get some new electronics? Don't let your old electronics go to waste - make sure to sell or donate your equipment you no longer use. If your devices or appliances are no longer good enough to be re-used, they cannot be disposed of in any kerbside bins. Instead, take your e-waste (anything with a plug, cord or battery) to be recycled at Council's waste facilities in Wonthaggi, Cowes or Grantville. Larger items are $5.50 to dispose of or a milk-crate size container is also $5.50; this can include a bunch or cords and items such as a mouse or keyboard.

Batteries –Don’t forget batteries don’t belong in the bin, take them to your nearest battery recycling point. All our Customer Service and Visitor Information Centres have dedicated battery recycling banks.

Leftovers - Get the most out of your Organics bin; leftover seafood, turkey bones, even your Christmas tree is OK in your kerbside Organics bin. Paper towel, tissues and serviettes can also go in here as they are not recyclable but are compostable. If its food or garden waste, keep it out of landfill and make sure it's turned into nutrient rich compost by putting it in the green-lidded bin.

Don’t forget additional summer recycling collections are made post Boxing Day until the end of January. Bin Collection calendars area available at or at any of our Visitor Information centres.