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Mayor's Message - 23 June

Mayor's Message - 23 June

Tuesday 23 June 2020
Cr Brett Tessari

On behalf of Bass Coast Shire Council, I would like to acknowledge that we are saddened and offended at the appalling conduct of the ex-Minister for Local Government towards the Minister for Women. His behaviour was sexist, threatening and totally at odds with the outstanding progress made by Bass Coast Shire Council towards building gender equity and creating a more welcoming and respectful Victoria.

We are an organisation that has zero tolerance of violence or bigotry of any kind. We pride ourselves on developing a culture of inclusivity and respect. We have a longstanding and strong commitment to Preventing Men’s Violence against Women and supporting our LGBTIQ community.

It is an absolute disgrace that in 2020, we are still seeing this type of behaviour. We will not stand back and let this behaviour occur, which is why I am delivering this statement, calling it out. We are an organisation that will always call out violence and bigotry when we see it and will work hard towards the prevention of these behaviours in our community, because there is no place for them.

Moving on, our Proposed Budget 2020/21 was released last week, following our June Council Meeting. Under normal circumstances following the Proposed Budget’s release, we would hold community consultation sessions, but due to the impact of COVID-19 that isn’t possible this year.

However, we will be holding a Facebook Q and A session, to give people an opportunity to learn more about the Proposed Budget on Tuesday, 7 July at, from 6.00pm to 7.30pm. You can find the Proposed Budget on our website at, while hard copies will also be made available. Submissions can be made in writing by emailing by mail, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Bass Coast Shire Council, PO Box 118, Wonthaggi, 3995. If you wish to speak to your submission, you must advise Council within your email or letter.

The consultation period will close at 5.00pm on Tuesday, 21 July and submissions will be heard at a Special Meeting of Council at 11.00am on Wednesday, 29 July.