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Mayor's Message - 23 August

Mayor's Message - 23 August

Tuesday 23 August 2022
Mayor's Message
Cr Michael Whelan

Council is developing a Neighbourhood Character Study, a Housing Strategy, and a Residential Development Framework to help manage future population growth. This predicted population growth presents a challenge for Council. We will need to adequately plan for future growth, and we also need to ensure that appropriate planning policies and controls are in place to protect the valued attributes within our townships. We want to hear from you as part of the development process. For more information about the project and to provide your feedback, visit or, attend a drop-in session with Council’s Strategic Planning Team this week – all the details are on the website.

It is wonderful to see drive from the community itself when it comes to renewable energy. The Phillip Island Community Energy Storage System, a Totally Renewable Phillip Island (TRPI) and Energy Innovation Cooperative (EI Coop) project, supported by Council, will offer greater reliability in electricity supply for the Island, especially during peak holiday periods and could potentially slash power bills. The ‘Big Battery’ has been installed near the village of Wimbledon Heights and is part of the vision for Phillip Island to be carbon neutral and 100% renewable by 2030. This project proves how important climate change is to our community, and everyone who lives on Phillip Island will benefit. With cost-of-living front of mind, the ability for communities to harness natural resources to produce and store power will hopefully make a real difference to household bills. Clean, green power is what people want, and I’m sure this project will help inspire similar schemes in other communities across Victoria. Congratulations to TRPI also on their presentation at the recent New Energy Conference on Ensuring communities are part of the New Energy Journey. I was also excited to hear about the green hydrogen projects being developed in Gippsland.

Finally this week, I would like to say a big thank you to all of our Teams involved in managing the flooded roads we experienced last week, following an absolute deluge of rain. Water rose over a number of roads, with some needing to be closed – all of which was managed safely and efficiently. Please remember, if you are on the road and it’s flooded, forget it.