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Mayor's Message - 21 April

Mayor's Message - 21 April

Tuesday 21 April 2020
Mayor's Message
Cr Brett Tessari

It is times like these that bring out the best in people, but also the worst. People are scared, concerned and unsure about what the future holds, because right now, we don’t know. But what we do know, is that we are all in this together and that our sense of community is what is most important right now.

Together, we will get through this.

We held our April Council Meeting last week, with a few modifications to ensure we adhered to gathering and social distancing requirements. The meeting was held in the Wonthaggi Town Hall, with each Councillor at a separate table. The good news is, the State Government will be meeting this week to consider allowing Councils to hold virtual meetings, which would be a welcome course of action. At the moment, Councillors do need to be physically present, which is creating some difficulties in the current climate.

At the April meeting, Councillors voted in favour of implementing a livestreaming trial, which will start at the May Council Meeting. This is decision will enable people to tune into Council meetings from anywhere, which is really important at this time when we all need to be staying at home.

Councillors also approved the COVID-19 Business and Community Relief and Recovery Package, which will support local businesses and community groups through the introduction of a $700,000 Business and Community Resilience Grants Program, the waiving of a number of permit fees for 2019/20 and lease payment relief for businesses operating from Council premises.