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Mayor's Message - 2 November

Mayor's Message - 2 November

Tuesday 2 November 2021
Mayor's Message

How fantastic is it to have restrictions ease and be reunited with metropolitan Melbourne? Not only to be able to see our friends and family that many of us have been longing to see for months, but also to welcome back our neighbours who own holiday homes and regular visitors who love Bass Coast just as much as we do. This is especially great for our local businesses and it couldn’t have come at a better time, right before a long weekend! As much as we wish this pandemic was over, the reality is that it isn’t so please keep being COVID-safe and checking in, sanitising your hands and wearing your mask when you need to. And be kind to our businesses when they ask you to check-in or show your vaccinations status, they’re only doing what they have to in order to stay open.

Speaking of opening, I had the pleasure of being part of the launch of the Southern Gippsland Sustainability Festival 2021 ‘Reimagined’ recently. The Festival has been ‘reimagined’ by the Bass Coast Landcare Network and now runs for six weeks and features a wide range of free events both online and in-person from gardening, farming and food to transport, housing and energy and much more! Check out the program at, the Festival runs until Sunday, 5 December.

It’s great to see our advocacy and submission to the Electoral Boundaries Commission has paid off with the State Government seat of Bass retaining Inverloch in the boundary review, rather than being split off to the neighbouring Gippsland South seat as was proposed earlier in the year. Bass Coast’s coastal communities share a number of unique challenges, such as addressing the impacts of climate change and coastal erosion, seasonal visitation compounded by issues related to geography, population growth and land development. And we believed it was in the best interest of Inverloch that it remain part of the seat of Bass so it’s great to see that we have been heard and had a positive result.

As I mentioned in my message last week I am doing a fundraiser, a run-a-thon, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Wonthaggi to raise money for our local Ambulance Victoria service so that they can purchase a ‘CorPuls’ device for each of their units. This device provides mechanical compressions so that in an emergency situation our paramedics can work on other ways to save a critically ill patient rather than performing the compressions.

I encourage you, if you haven’t been affected by the pandemic, please make a donation. You can do so by dropping into any of Council’s Customer Service Centres or phone 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211.