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Mayor's Message - 18 February

Mayor's Message - 18 February

Tuesday 18 February 2020
Mayor's Message
Cr Brett Tessari

I am proud to have been appointed to the Local Government Mayoral Advisory Panel for the remainder of my term, along with 14 other Mayors from across Victoria. This appointment means that I, on behalf of Bass Coast, have an incredible opportunity to help guide and shape Local Government in Victoria. There are some major challenges facing our communities, and with that, all levels of Government. Through this Panel, I hope to provide valuable advice and feedback to the Minister towards finding solutions and addressing some of these challenges. Some of the important issues I hope to discuss with the Panel include managing the pressures of population and visitation growth on rural and regional communities, climate change and adaptation including the impact on our environment and local economy and opportunities for improved local government financial sustainability including greater collaboration between Councils.

After having such a fantastic time at their event last year, I made sure to attend the Bass Coast Disabled Surfers Associations’ first event for 2020 on Saturday at the Inverloch Surf Beach. These events provide an awesome opportunity for people with a disability to enjoy one of our beautiful beaches and catch a few waves. The smiles and excitement on the surfer’s faces is just priceless. Each surfer has a team of six to 10 volunteers helping them select and catch the best waves. While surfers often travel far and wide to attend – most of the volunteers are locals. There’s another event on 28 March, so if you are keen to help out, find them online and get in touch.

Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is marked on most calendars. While it provides us with a good excuse to surprise our partners with flowers or chocolate, or a new pair of socks, it also reminds us of the importance of telling our loved ones how we feel, every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. Keep the romance alive!