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Mayor's Message - 17 May

Mayor's Message - 17 May

Tuesday 17 May 2022
Cr Michael Whelan

It was incredibly disappointing to learn that the extension of a controversial sand mine in Grantville was approved by the State Government recently. We, along with the community have serious concerns about the impact that this expansion will have on the local environment, as well as the nearby Western Port Bay. This expansion will see Dandy Premix extend their operations into the Biolinks area of the Western Port Woodlands and will enable them to mine below the water table. Truck movements will double and the company will operate for longer hours. It is truly devastating that the State Government’s decision has seemingly ignored the concerns of both Council and the community around the expansion. It goes against the objectives of the Distinctive Areas and Landscapes when it comes to protecting native vegetation. The environment is our economy in Bass Coast and we need to do everything we can to protect our last remaining areas of significant remnant vegetation – unfortunately this approval flies in the face of that.

Have you seen the progress that has been made on the Cowes Cultural and Community Centre recently? There are plenty of other really important community projects that are coming along well too – work on the current stage of the Surf Parade Shared Path in Inverloch is nearly complete, while the redevelopment of the Guide Park playspace in Wonthaggi is moving forward as well. It is so satisfying to see these projects taking shape and we can’t wait until they are open and ready for our community to enjoy.

It has been really wonderful to see our state cautiously opening up again, after two long years of uncertainty. Live music is one of the simple, yet necessary pleasures of life, yet it suffered terribly at the hands of the pandemic – with the industry virtually shut down for the duration – and boy, did we miss it. If you love live performances as much as I do, check out the Caravan Music Club, which brings an amazing array of musicians, bands and performers to Archies Creek every month. I was there recently to see a musician I have followed for some time. We are so lucky to have the Caravan Music Club set up here in Bass Coast adding to our rich array of music spots across the Shire.