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Mayor's Message - 11 January

Mayor's Message - 11 January

Tuesday 11 January 2022
Cr Michael Whelan

Well, it’s not quite the welcome to the new year we were all hoping for, with another wave of COVID-19 impacting on our region quite significantly. My thoughts are with the wonderful staff of Bass Coast Health and the many other healthcare workers involved in looking after our community, as they combat this latest challenge. Thanks to the local health professionals that manage the vaccination centre, who made my own experience of getting the booster dose of the vaccine very efficient and caring. Many of our healthcare workers across the state are nearing exhaustion as the pandemic surges and I extend my admiration and support to all of the dedicated people who have been going flat out for two years. If you are eligible for your booster shot, please make an appointment and if you have any symptoms, please get tested. Please also remember to be patient and kind, we know that there are some delays in testing times, but we also know that the staff are doing the absolute best they can to keep their community safe.

My thoughts are also with the Williams family, the owners of the San Remo Hotel, who suffered a fire in the back of the hotel last Monday morning. We wish them well in recovering and getting this landmark business in San Remo back into action.

It’s peak holiday season in Bass Coast and I have noticed many families out on their bikes, as well many advanced riders. Phillip Island and Bass Coast more broadly is a popular cycling destination but it doesn’t properly cater for cyclists yet. Council is getting on with work to plan and develop trails and road verges that will support them with better riding facilities into the future.

I recently attended the opening of the third annual pop-up art exhibition, run by the Phillip Island Contemporary Exhibition Space (PICES) and held in the Phillip Island Community and Learning Centre Garden Room. The exhibition was opened by Curator David O’Halloran the exhibition features the work of a number of local and visiting artists, with a new exhibition bumped in each week for four weeks. It is a great initiative and I commend PICES for their work and insight in establishing the event.