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Industrial Land Study prepares for growth

Industrial Land Study prepares for growth

Friday 18 March 2022

Bass Coast Shire Council adopted the Bass Coast Industrial Land Study at its Council Meeting, held on Wednesday, 16 March.

The Land Study examined the existing and future economic context of the Shire and how this will influence demand for industrial land into the future. It also included an Industrial Land Supply and Demand Assessment, which looked at existing and future supply of industrial land in the Shire and its ability to meet anticipated demands, up to 2036.

The Land Study found that there is currently around 90 hectares of zoned industrial land within Bass Coast. Wonthaggi has the largest industrial precinct by land area, while Cowes comprises the largest number of businesses and floor space.

This Study provides the evidence to inform the development of the Bass Coast Industrial Land Use Strategy (BILUS) which will ensure Bass Coast is prepared for projected growth and will have the ability to attract and retain businesses.

Bass Coast Shire Mayor, Cr Michael Whelan said that the BILUS is one of several strategic projects Council is currently undertaking to prepare for projected population growth in Bass Coast.

“We will now be able to implement the findings of the Land Study into the BILUS,” Cr Whelan said.

“The BILUS work will contribute to the improvement of economic, social and environmental sustainability of the Shire, specifically related to land use planning and economic development.”