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Erosion action outlined for Kilcunda foreshore

Erosion action outlined for Kilcunda foreshore

Friday 10 December 2021

The Kilcunda Foreshore Erosion Options Assessment Report has recently been released, outlining a study into the impacts of erosion on the Kilcunda foreshore.

Bass Coast Shire Council engaged a coastal engineer to undertake the study, to inform the longer-term response to erosion at the Kilcunda Surf Beach, near the Lionel Rose car park.

The study investigated the coastal processes influencing erosion in this location and assessed the risk to built public assets. The study also reviewed the options available for the management of ongoing coastal erosion.

This area has seen rapid wave erosion in recent times, which has already impacted public assets such as beach access tracks and the Bass Coast Rail Trail.

Earlier this year, Council moved a section of the Rail Trail three metres inland, as a short-term response to the advancing erosion.

Bass Coast Shire Mayor, Cr Michael Whelan said that in order to protect vital community assets like the Rail Trail from further damage, the Report recommends the option of a ‘staged retreat’.

“This involves initially moving any other vulnerable sections of the Rail Trail a few metres inland, still on the dune crest,” Cr Whelan said.

“If the rate of erosion continues to a point where moving the Rail Trail on the dune crest is no longer possible, the Report recommends re-routing a section of the pathway further inland, well behind the dune.”

Cr Whelan said that Council will continue to monitor the rate of erosion and deposition at the beach in Kilcunda.

“More recently, we have seen that the beach has been building back up at the project site and grasses have started to return to the embankment, so it is possible that path realignment works might not be required in the short-term,” Cr Whelan said.

Council officers continue to monitor the area closely, and are now working to deliver on the recommendations of the Report. This includes design work and permits for a re-alignment of the rail trail, so that further works can proceed promptly if required.

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