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Council seeks feedback on new community partnerships policy

Council seeks feedback on new community partnerships policy

Thursday 16 March 2023

Bass Coast Shire Council has given in-principal support for a new Partnership Policy and Framework to guide existing and future community partnerships, built on evidence, to ensure consistency and transparency.

The draft policy extends to all partnerships, including grants and financial resources, sponsorship, in-kind support and the subsidised use of Council facilities and assets.

Each year, Bass Coast Shire Council allocates around $2.6 million in cash and in-kind support through 174 partnerships with community groups, industry bodies and events. Of this, $1.2 million is distributed through financial partnerships and $1.4 million via subsidised rental of Council-owned facilities.

Bass Coast Shire Council is home to many local, state, and national non-government, and community-based organisations. The policy promotes the value of working with these entities for the positive benefit of our community. Council cannot achieve its objectives alone: we recognise and respect the additional public value created through partnership with community.

Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Michael Whelan, said the policy would help ensure the consistent management of partnerships between Council and the greater community, including best value outcomes and good governance.

“Partnerships make a significant contribution to our community, from public activations to volunteerism or support for local organisations, which offer engaging initiatives for our residents and ratepayers,” Cr Whelan said.

“Council is accountable for ensuring good governance and stewardship of our assets as well as public resources. Therefore, a stringent and consistent policy is needed to guide these partnerships.”

The framework will encourage collaboration, innovation and creativity, along with access and equity to support a diverse community. A copy of the council report and proposed Partnerships Framework will be sent to all current partners, who will be invited to provide feedback before Council considers the policy at its May meeting.