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Advocating for two priority pools

Advocating for two priority pools

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Bass Coast Shire Council is advocating for $60 million from Federal Government to be split across two key Aquatics projects: A new pool for Phillip Island and the redevelopment of the Bass Coast Aquatic Centre in Wonthaggi.

Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Brett Tessari explained that both projects were key priorities within the municipality.

"Phillip Island has been longing for a community swimming pool for years, and the Bass Coast facility needs to be redeveloped into a modern facility of today's standards," Cr Tessari said.

"We are committed to delivering both of these important community facilities. Both are identified in our Long Term Financial Plan and supported by our two pool strategy for Bass Coast. Council now needs supporting funding from State and Federal Government to achieve this goal."

Council and the community believe the upcoming federal election provides an important opportunity for a funding commitment.

Council has attended several meetings with federal candidates for Monash in the lead up to the Election. It has also written to the relevant Ministers and Shadow Ministers, informing them of the top eight federal advocacy priorities, which includes the two pool projects.

Peter McMahon, spokesperson for Philip Island Aquatic Centre Fund (PIACF), has also met with the members for Monash and is happy to continue working with Council to secure funding for a pool to be built on Phillip Island.

"We know that Aquatics play an important role in communities - contributing to health and wellbeing as well as social and recreation activities, and unlocking the potential of elite athletes," Mr McMahon said.

"We have been fundraising and working hard towards a pool for Phillip Island for over 20+ years; it would be great to see the hard work and dedication of our community credited with an investment from the Federal Government."

"After all, we have an active Swimming Club (PISC) on the island of some 95+ swimmers, plus 20 swimming in the South Gippsland Bass Swim Club, but we don't have a pool for them to train in."

Lorraine Muir, president of South Gippsland Bass Swim Club (SGBSC) is supportive of Council's advocacy to upgrade the current Bass Coast aquatics facility.

"We've seen what can be achieved when Council and the community work together to advocate to higher levels of government to get important community infrastructure off the ground," Lorraine said.

"We are proud to be recognised as one of the top swimming clubs in the country and are incredibly lucky to have a fantastic committee and coaches; imagine what we could achieve with an upgraded facility to match."

Council, in partnership with PIACF and SGBSC will continue to advocate and encourage Federal and State Governments to invest in these two important aquatic facilities for Bass Coast.

For more information on Council's other advocacy priorities visit

Bass Coast Aquatic Centre users: (L-R) Rebecca Wilson (YMCA), Michelle Harris (GippSport), Steve Dunn and Robyn Duke (Wonthaggi Underwater Hockey Club), Lorraine Muir and Dylan Muir (South Gippsland Bass Swim Club).
Members of the Phillip Island Aquatic Working Group with Council Staff and Cr Bruce Kent. (L-R) Mark Lindsay (BCSC), Rebecca Wilson (YMCA), Lisa Barham-Lomax (BCSC), Cr Bruce Kent, Don Turner (Phillip Island Swimming Club), Peter McMahon (PIACF), Gea Lovell (Newhaven College) and Nicola Tragear (PIACF).