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Community Asset Committees

Volunteer run Community Asset Committees manage a number of halls and recreation reserves for the benefit of their local community on behalf of Council.

  1. To ensure fairness in access and use of the asset.
  2. To ensure the assets and surrounds are clean and presentable and manage general maintenance of buildings, furniture and fittings.
  3. To be a point of contact for the public with respect to the operation, maintenance, development and improvements of the asset.
  4. Support the development of the local community through activation of the asset.

Volunteering and community participation is an important avenue through which Council and the community collaborate to deliver a range of services.

Community based committees allows for and encourage:

  • delegation of functions, duties and powers to the community, providing direct community involvement, accountability and ownership for properties and projects;
  • networking and resource sharing between people working towards a common goal; and
  • strengthening of the sense of community within the Shire.

Assets Managed by Community Asset Committees

  • Cape Paterson Hall
  • Cape Paterson Sports Facility
  • Corinella Public Hall
  • Coronet Bay Hall and Reserve
  • Dalyston Hall
  • Dalyston Recreation Reserve
  • Glen Alvie Recreation Reserve
  • Glen Forbes Recreation Reserve
  • Kernot Hall and Reserve
  • Krowera Hall
  • Newhaven Hall
  • Pioneer Bay Reserve
  • Pound Creek Recreation Reserve
  • Rhyll Hall and Reserve
  • Surf Beach Community Park

If you would like to volunteer on one of our Community Asset Committees please contact the committee to discuss how you can assist (Community Directory)

For more information on Community Asset Committees contact our Committees Officer on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211 or email


Local Government Act 2020

Section 65 (s65) Community Asset Committee

(1) A Council may establish a Community Asset Committee and appoint as many members to the Community Asset Committee as the Council considers necessary to enable the Community Asset Committee to achieve the purpose specified in subsection (2).

(2) A Council may only establish a Community Asset Committee for the purpose of managing a community asset in the municipal district.

Section 47 (s47) Delegations by Chief Executive Officer

(4) A delegation under this section to the members of a Community Asset Committee is to be exercised subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Chief Executive Officer, which must include the following—

(a) the specified limit on any financial delegation and the specified purpose for which the financial delegation may be used;

(b) compliance with specified governance requirements to ensure appropriate standards of probity are met;

(c) specified monitoring and reporting of the activities and performance of the Community Asset Committee.

(5) A member of a Community Asset Committee to whom a delegation is given under this section can only exercise the delegation while acting as a member of the Community Asset Committee at a meeting of the Community Asset Committee.

(6) A Chief Executive Officer must submit an annual report to the Council in relation to the activities and performance of a Community Asset Committee in respect of which the members have been given a delegation under this section.