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Advocating Bass Coast's Priorities to Government

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We have three key documents which guide how we advocate: The Advocacy Strategy 2018-21 and the Advocacy Priority Lists:

Our Advocacy Strategy 2018-21 provides a framework for determining how, when and why we will advocate. This Strategy identifies a three-tiered structure to advocacy, where level one priorities are the top important priorities for the community.
Level one priorities are listed in Our Bass Coast. Our Future. These top priorities are all weighted equally and undergo a pro-active and planned approach.

Priorities adopted July 2021

We are currently advocating on the below top priorities to the State and Federal Governments. These priorities are in alphabetical order and are all equally weighted.

Federal Government:

  • Aquatics – Phillip Island and Wonthaggi
  • Bass Coast Dinosaurs Trail
  • Cowes Cultural and Community Centre
  • Climate Emergency Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Digital Connectivity and Telecommunications
  • Sealing Urban Roads
  • Tourism Infrastructure – Bass Coast Tracks and Trails
  • Transport - Freight
  • Wonthaggi Opportunity Unlocked

State Government:

  • Aquatics - Phillip Island and Wonthaggi
  • Bass Coast Dinosaurs Trail
  • Climate Emergency Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Cowes Cultural and Community Centre
  • Decentralisation
  • Digital Connectivity and Telecommunications
  • Extractive Industries and Freight Transport
  • Inverloch and San Remo Activity Centre Plans
  • Public Transport
  • Road Upgrades
  • Tourism Infrastructure – Bass Coast Tracks and Trails
  • Wonthaggi Opportunity Unlocked

Advocacy success

Priorities on the previous lists which have been achieved received collectively over $200 million in funding. These include:

  • Wonthaggi Secondary College senior campus development
  • Wonthaggi Hospital redevelopment
  • Bass Coast Community Stadium
  • Phillip Island/Back Beach Road intersection
  • Transfer of land of the former Wonthaggi Secondary College McBride Campus
  • 24-hour health care for Phillip Island
  • maintenance to the Cowes Jetty
  • Erosion Infrastructure funding
  • Planning Policy Changes: recognising Bass Coast as a Distinctive Area Landscape
  • funding towards the reinvigoration of Wonthaggi Streetscapes.
Why do we advocate?

Advocacy was a key theme which was constantly appearing during our extensive community conversations and engagement during our "Help shape a better Bass Coast" campaign in early 2017 and again in 2021 through engagement on our "Our Bass Coast. Our Future" campaign.

During this time, we repeatedly heard that the community wanted Council to focus on advocating on issues and projects which require support from higher levels of government. We understand that the community expect Council to represent them and advocate on their behalf to other levels of government, and drive home the needs of Bass Coast in the major areas of roads, health, education, and a range of other state or federal government controlled areas.

As a direct result of this feedback, Council developed our very first Advocacy Strategy. This strategy was adopted at the June Council Meeting, 2018. A revised Advocacy Strategy will be completed later in 2021.

In September 2017, Council adopted our first priority list document which outlined the key priorities for Council, which required government funding. All of the projects listed at top priorities were identified as priorities during this consultation.

Coal Seam Gas

Council's Position

In March 2012, Bass Coast Shire Council resolved a position on coal seam gas:

Bass Coast Shire Council is totally opposed to exploration and mining of coal and unconventional gas within the shire. In resolving this position, it is advocating the already widely expressed views of the community.

The continuing preservation, protection and promotion of existing agricultural enterprises, environmental values and tourism opportunities within the Bass Coast Shire, is essential to the economic and social well being of the Shire.

Council is committed to further research the impact of Coal Seam Gas on our region. Council will keep the community informed about advocacy of this position and opportunities that are available for community participation.

Crib Point Gas Import Jetty and Pipeline Project

In response to a Notice of Motion at the March 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved to declare its opposition to the development of fossil fuel assets on Western Port and in particular, opposition to the AGL’s proposed Gas Import Jetty project for Crib Point.

In August 2020, we provided formal feedback on the Environmental Effects Statement (EES) prepared for the Crib Point Gas Import Jetty and gas pipeline project.

On 30 April 2021, AGL formally withdrew their referral for a proposed gas import facility at Crib Point.

Download the full submission below:

One Gippsland Partnership

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Bass Coast Shire Council is a proud member of One Gippsland, which is the peak regional advocacy body representing this diverse region and its communities.

One Gippsland aims to form and keep strong relationships between government, business and community, while also collectively working together to champion the interests of our region and our people.