Waste Management

Council's Waste Management Strategy 2015-2025 (PDF 3.5MB) aims to guide the management of waste over the 10 year period to 2025.


Waste Facilities, Opening Hours and Disposal Fees

You can dispose of your rubbish at one of our Waste Transfer and Recycling Centres. Lists locations, opening times and fees.

Organics, Landfill and Recycling

Information for householders about landfill, organics and recycling collection services

Hard Waste Collection

A separate hard rubbish collection is available for large or heavy items that can't be put in your bin.

Organics Collection Service

The three bin services commences on 4 September 2017.


How to recycle at the kerbside or at a Waste Transfer Station

Report Illegal Dumping and Littering

Help to keep our planet litter-free. Read more about illegal dumping, littering and Trolly Trackers.

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