Land and Catchment Management

Rural Burning Off Guidelines

Our Rural Burning Off Guidelines (PDF 74kb) aim to protect the amenity of all residents and visitors to Bass Coast.

It is important that rural property owners are aware of the Guidelines. They operate in conjunction with our General Local Law and were developed after consultation with a number of relevant bodies. They also address the health issues that can arise from these situations, particularly if certain prohibited materials are burned.

What are prohibited materials?

  • Rubber or plastic substances
  • Petroleum oil or waste material containing petroleum oil
  • Paints or receptacles which contain or which contained paints
  • Manufactured chemicals or pressurised cans
  • Food wastes
  • Other offensive or noxious substances

Need to know more?

Anyone with queries or concerns should contact our Community Safety Rangers on 1300 BCOAST (226 278).

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