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Cowes Town Square Constellation and Cowes Jetty - Gathering Place

Two paintings by local indigenous artist Patrice Muthaymiles Mahoney, Constellation and Cowes Jetty - Gathering Place can be viewed in the Cowes Cultural Centre. The works are replicated on the drinking fountain in the Cowes Town Square.

ConstellationPatrice Muthaymiles Mahoney painting of Cowes JettyPainting Constellation by Patrice Muthaymiles Mahoney

Patrice says about this work: "This painting is about the gathering (circle), an exceptional place for the Boon Wurrung traditional peoples of the area. They came to Phillip Island from the mainland San Remo for ceremony, hunting and gathering over tens of thousands of years.

They came to enjoy the sun, sand and surf of the coast line (orange and yellow ridge) stretching from the penguin’s playground to Cowes. It will always be the place where people congregate, celebrate the environment and enjoy the surroundings, under the ‘Constellation’ of the Southern Cross in commemoration of their freedom.

You can still experience the unique beauty of the Phillip Island coast line today, either to eat good food, spend time with family or simply enjoy the sun, sand and surf. The Phillip Island community and holiday makers have taken the journey just as the traditional people did with careful planning and time management (due to the season and weather), to gather and relax in the beautiful environment’s unique flora and fauna.

These traditions of travelling to the Island have been happening for tens of thousands of years."

Cowes Jetty

The ‘Cowes Jetty’ is a unique place for traditional Boon Wurrung people to come to and celebrate with great healthy food, fishing and relaxing.

Today the Cowes Jetty is still a place that people gather to celebrate and enjoy Phillip Island’s beautiful beaches.

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