Luminous Galleries

Corinella Luminous Gallery by Lyndell Parker, photo by Anna Carson.The Luminous Galleries are unique to the Waterline Townships of Pioneer Bay, Grantville, Corinella and Coronet Bay. They were created by The Edge of Us, a two-year art project which took place in five towns, which also included Tenby Point throughout 2017 and 2018.

The permanent lights are arranged like stars in the ground to reflect the night sky, and also function as a gallery where the community can display temporary luminous artworks.

The cluster arrangements at each permanent location is inspired by Australian Aboriginal navigation techniques, which used stories associated with specific stars and constellations to provide directions for a journey.  Each of the four luminous galleries have five central lights, one for each of the five neighbouring townships. These constellations are configured like a map of the towns along the waterline and are nestled amongst other stars. If you stand on the light pad of the town you are in, you can orient yourself to the direction of the neighbouring towns.

The Luminous Galleries have been designed to encourage meeting and journeying between the participating townships, and to provide places that inspire everyone to have a go at creating a little night-time magic. 

Tenby Point continues to participate in this project by creating periodic luminous exhibitions with rechargeable batteries.

Collective exhibitions will be held from time to time and will be advertised on the events page of this website.

The Luminous Galleries Photo Book (PDF 4MB) is a tribute to the new community of artists who exhibited during the project and to celebrate the launch of the six month program of exhibitions in 2018 on the Gallery lights across four towns, the Winter Solstice of Lights in Tenby Point, as well as the Luminous Streets project in 2017.

Making something on the Gallery Lights

The Luminous Galleries are managed by voluntary community curators in each town, in partnership with the Bass Coast Shire Council. If you would like to create a luminous artwork in any of the towns please get in touch with a community curator.


Lyndell Parker: or 0422247490

Coronet Bay

Anne Brown: or 0438086983

Joann Gan: or 0433345851


Rina Ori: or 0488287571

Pioneer Bay

Catherine Styles: or 0416112629

Tenby Point

Jean Coffey: or 0419 500 593

Small Town Transformations

The Edge of Us was one of only six Victorian Government Small Town Transformation projects, managed by Regional Arts Victoria. The first year of the project involved an ambitious festival of community made light sculptures driven by rechargeable batteries; Luminous Streets. Luminous Streets happened simultaneously in Corinella, Coronet Bay, Grantville, Pioneer Bay and Tenby Point with hundreds people participating. The successful project ignited the imaginations of community members and led to a call for a more permanent legacy of the project and the Luminous Galleries were born!

The Luminous Galleries were conceived by Jessica Wilson, Mary Sullivan and Jeannie Haughton with the guidance of an active steering group. They were designed by Jason Parmington and creatively installed by Joe Donoghue with JMC Electrics.

The project was generously auspiced by the Bass Valley Landcare Network and overseen by a dedicated community advisory group; Jean Coffey, Danny Butt, Kellie Nichols, Lyndell Parker, Wayne Masschette, LIbby Skidmore, Peter Tait, Clare LeServe, Jordan Crugnale, Vera Masschette, Anne Brown, Joann Gan, Cathy McLeod and Geoff Ellis.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which these projects took place and on which the permanent Luminous Galleries are built. We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and future.

Finding the Galleries


On the Foreshore Reserve above the boat ramp, corner of The Esplanade and Peters St.

Coronet Bay:

On the Foreshore accessed by walking north from the end of Cutty Sark Road.


At the end of Pier Rd near the jetty.

Pioneer Bay:

On the north side of Daisy Ave Reserve. Turn right into Daisy Ave off Kallay Drive and park at the Reserve.

Tenby Point:

With no suitable public land, Tenby Point does not have permanent gallery lights. Instead the community have retained a stock of rechargeable batteries for use in temporary light festivals.


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