Waste Management

Waste Management Strategy 2015-2025

Council's Waste Management Strategy (3.5MB) helps to guide the planning and management of waste over the next 10 years, ie 2015-2025, and includes waste technologies, infrastructure, education programs, and collection and resource recovery services.

The Strategy was developed in consideration of the needs of the municipality, as well as regional and Victorian waste policy objectives as a whole. Community consultation sessions were conducted in March 2015 and community input was considered in the preparation of the Strategy.

Council manages the Shire's Kerbside Bin Collection service for nearly 25,000 properties and oversees the operation of four waste disposal facilities and our hard waste collection service.

Bass Coast Shire is the fastest growing area in Gippsland with the resident population of about 30,000, increasing to over 70,000 during peak holiday periods (forecast.id.com.au). The generation of waste is expected to increase in the future in line with projected population increases, predicted to rise to approximately 45,000 by 2031.

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