Find all the latest information about Asset Management Plans, road improvement projects and maintenance programs including Civil Engineering Standard Drawings for works within roads, road reserves or naturestrips.

Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans help Council to deliver the service outcomes the Community desires. Council has several Asset Management Plans already adopted and is working through each asset class to develop plans for all infrastructure including Roads and Bridges, Pathways, Drainage, Buildings and other assets that Council manages.

Dust Suppression

Effectively, dust supression seals are a costly, short term solution, and we now have better long-term alternatives.

Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL)

The Australian government has introduced a Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) which affects the way heavy vehicles access the national road network, including the way they apply for access to local roads in Bass Coast.

Road Register and Pathway Register

Every road and public pathway in Bass Coast is listed and categorised in accordance with the Road Management Plan in the Road and Pathways Registers.

Special Charge Schemes and Road Projects

Explanation of Special Charge Schemes, details of scheme projects as well as information on other projects

Standard Drawings and Design and Drafting Guidelines

Council has over 50 standard drawings to help with any work being done in roads, road reserves or naturestrips. Design and Drafting Guidelines is also available to provide information to prospective developers for subdivisional or traffic management projects.

Phillip Island Integrated Transport Study

The Phillip Island Integrated Transport Study provides an important framework for traffic and transport modelling, and improvements to the road network, through to 2030.

VicRoads Maintained Roads

List and a map showing roads in Bass Coast Shire controlled by VicRoads.

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