Roads and Parks Programmed Maintenance Works

Map of maintenance zones in Bass CoastThe Shire is divided into six zones so Council can carry out regular planned maintenance works. We call this the Routine Zone Maintenance Program.

The Zone Map (PDF 814kb) shows what area you are in and the Work Schedule for the current 6 month period (PDF 69kb) shows when we will be in your area.

While carrying out regular maintenance we also include any customer requests that can be done when we are in your zone.

A priority rating is given to anything that requires maintenance (see table below). This rating system also shows when these works are expected to be completed. If a customer request is not completed during this time, it will be done the next time round.

Priority Rating Response Time
1 Urgent Take initial action to make safe within 24hrs.  Repair  on Zone Maintenance Program if necessary.
2   High Take initial action to make safe within seven working days. Repair on zone Maintenance Program if necessary
3 Medium Repair on Zone Maintenance Program as per schedule or subsequent program (subject to completion of priorities 1 and 2)
4 Low Repair on Zone Maintenance Program (subject to completion of priorities 1 and 2)


Some of the regular maintenance works are:

  • Road grading
  • Footpath repairs
  • Sign replacement and repairs
  • Post and street furniture repairs and replacement
  • Tree maintenance

There are some works which will not be included in this program as they need to be done more frequently.  Such works include:

  • Grass mowing of recreation reserves and parks
  • Garden-bed maintenance,
  • Street sweeping
  • Toilet cleaning and repairs

How does the maintenance program work?

The week prior to working within a zone, the entire zone is visited or inspected. It is at this time that customer requests are investigated and if necessary, added to the program for that zone depending on its priority rating. Any upcoming community or Council event is also allowed for wherever possible. There are two maintenance teams that operate at the same time in the same zone. Each team works in the nominated zone for a fortnight before moving onto the next zone.

At times we may need to change the program or schedule due to:

  • Weather conditions
  • Seasonal demands
  • Unexpected flooding or storm damage
  • Amount of work
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Special events

Dividing the Shire into zones helps with the equal spread of time, staff and equipment. Regular planned maintenance helps keep a consistent appearance throughout the Shire. It is important that the community provides feedback on this service so we can improve our response to customer requests and concerns in a prompt and efficient way.

Emergency requests

There is an after hours, 7 day per week emergency call-out service. If you have an emergency, you can call Council's Customer Service Centres during office hours or after hours on 1300 BCOAST (226 278). There is a staff member on standby after hours who will respond to any emergency. Our staff are familiar with safety requirements and procedures. Depending upon the nature and severity of the situation, emergencies are dealt with immediately to ensure the risk to life and property is minimised.

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