Horse access permits for Norsemens Road beach

Why do I need a permit?

At its Ordinary Council Meeting on 21 June 2017 Council resolved to implement a permit system to place controls on horse access to the beach at the end of Norsemens Road in Coronet Bay (which is managed by the Corinella Foreshore Committee of Management).

A two year trial permit system begins on 1 December 2017 to ensure all relevant requirements have been included in the permit arrangements.

Are horses still allowed on the beach?

Yes, but no horses are allowed on the beach on the following dates/periods each year:-

  • 25 December to 1 January (inclusive); 
  • 26 January; and
  • Good Friday to Easter Monday (inclusive)

Time restrictions apply for horse riding on the beach with a valid permit during Victorian Summer and Easter Public School Holidays:

  • Professional trainers must be off the beach by 9.30am (with the exception of dates above).
  • All other riders permitted between 9.30am and 11.00am (with the exception of dates above).

At all other times horses are permitted on the beach as long as they have a valid permit.

What permits can be applied for?

There are two types of permits people can apply for:

What are the costs?

Professional Trainers

  • Professional trainers residing in Bass Coast Shire and registered with Racing Victoria: $500
  • Professional trainers not residing in Bass Coast Shire and registered with Racing Victoria: $2,500

Recreational Riders and Pony Clubs

  • Pony Clubs that reside in Bass Coast Shire: $0 (maximum of 5 riders at one time)
  • Pony Clubs that don’t reside in Bass Coast Shire: $1,000 (maximum of 5 riders at one time)
  • Recreational riders residing in Bass Coast Shire require a permit but will not be charged a fee.
  • Recreational riders not residing in Bass Coast Shire: $75

What are the permit conditions?

  • Permit holders must maintain a Public Liability Policy of Insurance for an amount of not less than $10M with an insurer authorised under the Insurance Act 1973.
  • All horse excrement must be removed from the beach, access track and carpark areas and taken home. Penalties may apply - Bass Coast Shire Council Local Law No. 1 Neighbourhood Amenity 2012 (Local Law).
  • Parking in designated permit parking area only.  Relevant parking controls for horse floats and trucks in Norsemens Road and surrounding streets must be adhered to.
  • Horses must be kept at a safe distance from other beach users and slow to walking pace within 20 metres of pedestrians. Riders to be courteous to other beach users at all times.
  • Failure to adhere to permit conditions will lead to permits being revoked with no refund.
  • Supplied laminated permits must be visible in each vehicle whilst in the Foreshore area.
  • Permits are strictly non-transferable.
  • The permit period is from 1 December to 30 November each year.

What must I do with my horse’s excrement?

You must remove any horse excrement and take it away with you

Where can I park at Coronet Bay?

There is allocated parking for permit holders with horse floats and trucks. This area is located at the end of Norsemens Road in Coronet Bay. This area is clearly signed and you should ensure you parallel park in the permitted area.

Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Council resolved that due to the nature of the proposed activity a permit holder must provide to the Council satisfactory evidence of a current Public Liability Policy of Insurance for an amount of not less than $10,000,000 for any single occurrence. Any permit issued will be on the basis that the policy will stay current for the life period of the permit.

Permit applicants should also be aware that under the Local Law any person who makes any false representation or declaration (whether oral or in writing) in, or who omits any relevant information from, an application for a permit or exemption is guilty of an offence with a maximum penalty of 20 penalty units ($2,000).

Can I walk my dog on the beach when the horses are there?

Yes you can. Please remember that dogs must be on a leash until you enter a section of the beach that has been identified as a designated off leash area.  In these areas a dog may be exercised off a chain, cord or leash if the owner of the dog:

  • carries a chain, cord or leash;
  • has at all times effective voice control of the dog and is able to place the dog under effective control by means of chain, cord or leash immediately if necessary;
  • does not allow the dog to attack a person or animal or rush at a person; and
  • always keeps the dog in sight.

How do I apply for a permit?

  • Permit applications can be made by filling out forms above or can be posted to you if requested.  Completed and signed application forms (and associated documents) can be sent to
  • All information requested in the application must be provided before a permit is issued.
  • If you need to pay for a permit you will be sent an invoice that must be paid before a permit will be issued.

What should I do if I observe people doing the wrong thing?

If you observe people doing the wrong thing please contact Bass Coast Shire Council on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) during business hours.  Calls made after-hours and at weekends will be followed up the next working day.  During peak periods proactive patrols will be made of the beach and car parking area to make sure people are complying with relevant conditions.

Comments or feedback received in relation to the permit system will be logged and will be used as part of the review of the two year trial.   All feedback should be made in writing and sent to  titled Norsemens Horse Permit Feedback.

Why is there not an upgraded path?

Investigations have identified the need for a Cultural Heritage Management Plan to be completed in relation to the installation of a new, or widening of the existing, beach access track. This has meant a delay in improvements to the beach access track prior to the permit system being implemented.

In the meantime, horse riders have been given direction that they must give way to pedestrians along the beach access track at the end of Norsemens Road.

Ongoing reviews will take place in relation to the current shared access path.

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