Land and Catchment Management

Our Land and Catchment Management Team are focusing on the following:

Council works in cooperation with relevant Catchment Management Authorities.  Find out more about the development of West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority Flood Management Strategy follow this link.

Biolinks Plan

The Biodiversity Biolinks Plan aims to protect, connect and increase the native vegetation cover across the region. Only 14 per cent currently remains.


Tips on composting that will help keep a cleaner and nicer smelling garbage bin, reduce the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill, save you money by creating nutrient rich soil for your garden and help your soil retain water.

Native Vegetation Lists

Find the native plants to use in your local area. Lists are available by location.

Native Vegetation Offset Scheme (NVOS)

A Native Vegetation Offset Scheme (NVOS) has been set up in Bass Coast Shire Council to improve the native vegetation quantity and quality.

Rural Burning Off Guidelines

For the safety of visitors and residents, rural property owners should be aware of these guidelines.

Rural Land Management Program

New and improved, Council's new Rural Land Management program formerly the Land Management Rebate Scheme (LMR), offers financial incentives on an annual basis for those looking to enrich and improve their land.

Scenic Estate Conservation Reserve

The long-held dream of local conservationists has come true as this derelict 28 hectare estate becomes a reserve of natural bushland.

Weed 'em and Reap 2018

Free Indigenous plants! Help our environment and dig out those weeds and receive free plants as a reward.

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