Coast and Bushland Management

Hooded Plovers

The Hooded Plover breeding season has had the usual array of highs and lows.   

Hoodies_banding1_(1).jpgChick shelters for the 'Hoodies'

Photos courtesy of Sonia Sanchez Gomez

The Hooded Plover is a vulnerable species in Australia and endangered in Victoria.  Hooded Plovers nest on many of the Bass Coast beaches from August to March each year.  Council works together with Parks Victoria, Phillip Island Nature Parks and the community volunteer groups Friends of the Hooded Plover and Hooded Plover Watch to help protect the birds. 

People can help the Hooded Plovers have a successful breeding season by undertaking the following:

  • Avoid using beaches known to be used for Hooded Plover breeding
  • Walk close to the water’s edge
  • Keep an eye out for, and obey signage and barriers put up for the protection of the birds
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times and off the beach during ‘no dogs’ times. For details on restrictions please see the website
  • Report any incidents to 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211

Hoodies_measuring_(1).jpgPhoto courtesy of Sonia Sanchez Gomez

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