Coast and Bushland Management

Our Coast and Bushland team manage Council's coast and bushland areas for now and for future generations.

Council manages 42 kilometers of coastline and 100 hectares of bushland. 

There are a number of different land managers responsible for the management of coastline along Bass Coast view the Bass Coast Coastal Reserves Map (PDF 358kb) to find out more.

Key areas of work for the team include:

If you have any queries regarding our Council managed foreshores and bushland areas, please contact the Sustainable Environment Department on 1300 BCOAST (226 278), (03) 5671 2211 or

Foreshore Erosion Control

Combatting erosion at Inverloch Surf Beach, Cowes Main Beach and Cowes East Foreshore.

Foreshore & Bushland Encroachment

Council is taking action in areas where private landowners have taken over foreshore or bushland reserves.

Foreshore Management Plans

Management plans enable Council and the community to work closely together to achieve an integrated management plan that balances the area with public space and an area for conservation.

Hooded Plovers

The Hooded Plover breeding season in full swing with some success with fledging chicks on Bass Coast beaches.

Map of Foreshore Reserves

Council manages 42 kilometres of foreshores within Bass Coast.

Weeds and pest animals

Find out more about weeds and pest animals in Bass Coast and what you can do to help.

Sound Shell for The Glade, Inverloch

There is an exciting joint proposal project by the Lions Club, Rotary Club of Inverloch and Inverloch Tourism Association to construct a sound shell in The Glade, Inverloch. Have your say.

Volunteer Groups for Coast and Bushland

Several volunteer groups run across Bass Coast that do great work all year round. New volunteers are always welcome to join these friendly, community minded groups.

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