Emergency Management

Fire Management

Municipal Fire Management Plan

The Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) has developed the Bass Coast Municipal Fire Management Plan Version 2.4 (PDF 2.6MB). The Plan is the result of continued collaboration by government agencies and land managers from across the municipality who make up the MFMPC. This includes: Country Fire Authority (CFA), Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Phillip Island Nature Parks (PINP), Council, VicRoads, and Victoria Police, who are all signatories of the Plan, together with Ausnet Services, Westernport Water and South Gippsland Water.

The Plan contains information on bushfire risk and the risk of fire associated with structures and chemicals and identifies work that takes place across member agencies to reduce these fire risks.

Fire Prevention on Council Land

Fire agencies, land managers and private property owners implement measures to reduce the likelihood and consequence of bushfires in Bass Coast.

Council works to prevent fires starting on land under its management and to reduce the potential for fire to spread from Council's land to adjoining properties should one start.

The works Council undertakes to meet its responsibilities include:

  • Roadside slashing program - to reduce roadside fuels and reduce the likelihood of ignitions caused by hot vehicle parts
  • Works in parks and reserves - to maintain areas of high public use through slashing and vegetation management

Council has produced fire prevention works plans for Council managed coastal and bushland reserves. The plans identify vegetation management issues in reserves and foreshores and general fire management issues. They lay out an annual works program and, through engagement with the CFA, extra works are identified on a yearly basis.

Many of these areas are reserved for conservation of native flora and fauna and Council works with DELWP to maintain their biodiversity values. However some intervention is required to prevent or control bushfires.

The Coast and Bushland Fire Prevention Plan for 2017/18 has been updated and developed, which outlines works we undertake to reduce the impact of fire in our Coast and Bushland Reserves.

Council Fire Prevention Activities

Some of the activities Council performs to prevent the likelihood and consequence of fire in Bass Coast are:

  • Fire hydrant maintenance - over 2,000 hydrants across Bass Coast
  • Static water tank installation and maintenance
  • Fire access track installation and maintenance
  • Fire Danger Period signage installation and maintenance
  • The annual Green Waste Amnesty
  • Inspection of unsightly land in built up areas and fire hazards in high risk fire danger areas
  • Respond to customer queries relating to fire hazards
  • Issue permits to burn during the Fire Danger Period
  • Support the CFA and DELWP media and community engagement activities - including attendance and support for Fire Ready Victoria meetings, press releases, advertisements, direct mail, CFA information and customer service centres.

Municipal Fire Prevention Officer

The municipality appoints a Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (MFPO) who is responsible for issuing permits to burn during the Fire Danger Period and issues Fire Prevention Notices for hazard removal to private landowners in Bass Coast.

Council may enter private lands to remove fire hazards if Fire Prevention Notices are not complied with. A Fire Prevention Notice may be served only if the fire prevention officer forms the opinion that it is necessary to do so to protect life or property from the threat of fire.

Fire Prevention Notices tend to be served on larger blocks of land in or abutting residential areas and on residential blocks where a higher risk is identified. These notices will ask for a reduction in fire fuel and may ask for breaks in vegetation to be installed or fire breaks to be slashed on rural or farming properties.

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