Emergency Management

Emergency Management & Relief

Should a major emergency incident occur, the Municipal Emergency Management Plan is activated. On Activation the Municipal Emergency Management Coordination Group (EMCG) come together to provide support and resources to the Incident Response. The EMCG comprises the Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator (MERC), a designated Police Officer, the Municipal Emergency Resource Officer (MERO) and the Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM), both designated Council Officers.

The EMCG is a key municipal decision making group that performs a leadership role in the coordination of municipal resources.  The group provides a link with the Incident Control Centre/Emergency Operations Centre, usually via Council Emergency Management Liasion Officers, to ensure that requests for resources and any other related requirements can be addressed and to support the Council in establishing relief and recovery activities.

Media Relations

During an emergency the MERC or the agency in control of the emergency (eg the CFA for a fire) will pass on relevant information regularly to the media.  Tune into local radio stations such as

  • 3GG (531AM)
  • 3MFM (88.1, 89.1, 89.5FM) or
  • ABC Radio (774AM)

for up-to-date information on the emergency.   

  • WIN TV will also air frequent information.    

You should not call Council directly as only very limited information will be available.   Council staff will be mostly involved in the operation of the MECC.  

Emergency Relief Centres 

In preparation for an emergency a number of buildings have been designated in the Municipal Emergency Management Plan as Municipal Emergency Relief Centres.    At the direction of the MERC, or the agency in control of the emergency, one or more of these buildings may be activated as:  

  • an evacuation centre 
  • emergency accommodation 
  • emergency relief; or 
  • another use as deemed necessary under the circumstances. 

Where do I go?

In the event a Relief Centre is established you will be directed to the most appropriate centre(s) by the Police or emergency services agencies.   

Need to know more?

Please contact our Emergency Management Team on 1300 BCOAST (226 278).

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