Building & Development

You will find information in this section to help you in understanding the different functions and requirements of our Planning and Building teams.  It is important to remember that there are differences between the two areas of Council and you should contact us about your proposal to ensure the correct process and permits are completed.

Planning permits are usually required before you undertake any change of land use or development.

Building permits generally relate only to the actual construction plans of a building or development. 


We provide advice on all building related matters and provide a building approval service, for all types of buildings.


Planning Liaison and Enforcement is part of Council's Development Services Department

Guidelines for Building in small coastal towns

Council’s Strategic Planning team and community group the Small Coastal Townships Alliance (SCTA) have worked together to produce community brochures that provide information about preferred development in Bass Coast’s small coastal towns.

Infrastructure Design Manual

The Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) is a joint initiative of Victorian rural and regional Councils working together to formulate and maintain a set of consistent requirements and standards for the design and development of infrastructure.


The Planning team is responsible for strategic and statutory planning. In this section you will find information and forms about applying for a planning permit. You will also find information about changes to our planning scheme.

Planning Fees

Statutory Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations and Subdivision (Fees) Regulations 2016 are current and effective from 01 July 2017.

Planning Certificates

How quickly can I get a planning certificate?

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