We provide advice on all building related matters and provide a building approval service for all types of buildings.

Boundary Fences

Before you build or repair a fence between your property and your neighbour's, you need to have their consent.

Building Permits

Building permits are needed for a range of works including pergolas, verandahs, swimming pools, sheds, demolitions, alterations and more

Bass Coast is a Bushfire Prone Area

The whole of Bass Coast is a Bushfire Prone Area

Copy of Building Plans

Can I get copies of house or building plans?

Drainage and Stormwater

Council receives a number of complaints each year regarding stormwater run-off and overland flow from private land causing a nuisance to an adjoining or downstream property.

Owner/Builders' Obligations

As an owner builder who may be planning to carry out domestic building works, constructing a new house, carport or garage, or carrying out alterations, you need to be aware you have certain obligations.

Property Inquiry Form

Apply for building permit history and property information.

Technical Guide to Disability Access

This guide provides a technical summary of the Legislation and Australian Standards relating to providing good access when completing building works.

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