Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

koala_(1).jpgInjured or orphaned wildlife can be reported to Wildlife Victoria on:

WILDLIFE VICTORIA  (03 8400 7300)

a Wildlife Victoria Coordinator can then contact the closest volunteer who will rescue the animal and organise medical attention or rehabilitation. You should also contact Wildlife Victoria if you see recently killed animals so that the pouch can be checked for orphaned young.

Wildlife Victoria have a network of volunteers working with the organisation. If you want to be a local volunteer, or find out more about Wildlife Victoria's services, please visit their website.

Road Safety and Wildlife

One of the best things about driving in the country is seeing the wildlife along the way. But hundreds of animals are injured or killed every year on the roads. Here are some simple tips for wildlife friendly driving:

  • Avoid driving in animal peak hour or slow down from dusk (sun down) to dawn (sun up) as this is when animals are most active.
  • Slow down to allow greater reaction time and a better chance of avoiding a collision.
  • Be alert. Scan the road ahead and the roadsides.
  • Use high beam when safe to do so to improve your chance of seeing wildlife and to provide wildlife more warning of your vehicle approaching.
  • Dip your headlights if you see an animal ahead. Bright lights can dazzle animals causing them to remain in the path of your vehicle.
  • Don't put your own safety at risk. Swerving sharply to avoid hitting an animal could put you and other motorists in danger. Always maintain full control of your vehicle. Sometimes it may be impossible to avoid a collision with an animal.
  • Sound your horn if necessary in a series of short bursts to encourage an animal to move off the road.
  • Don't litter. Throwing food scraps out of your car is illegal and can attract wildlife to feed on roadsides, increasing their risk of injury. Do the right thing and find a bin.
  • Assisting injured animals. If you do hit an animal or see an injured animal, report injured wildlife to Wildlife Victoria on 1300 094 535.
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