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Bass Coast Skate Strategy 2016 - 2026

Newsletter 2

The need for a Shire wide Skate Strategy was identified through Council’s Recreation Plan 2009-14 and Sport and Active Recreation Needs Assessment Study 2016.

Skate industry experts Convic have been appointed to lead the development of the Bass Coast Skate Strategy 2016-2026.

The strategy will be crucial for Council’s forward planning and will inform on the future location and design of skate parks for the next ten years.

Working alongside Council, Convic will lead the way through a series of community consultation opportunities, which will take place in 2017.

It is expected that throughout the project, skate park enthusiasts will have various ways to share their thoughts on the current facilities provided and where and how future facilities should be considered.

Update Newsletter 2

Three community consultation sessions (PDF 90kb) were organised in February. These sessions provided skate park enthusiasts and interested community members the opportunity to share their thoughts on the current use and future for such facilities across Bass Coast.

For those who were unable to attend any of the sessions, an online survey is now available for people to provide input and feedback. 


There are three skate parks and a mini-ramp in Bass Coast:

Mobile Skate Ramp

Council’s Mobile Skate Ramp rotates between Corinella, Coronet Bay, Grantville and Newhaven, providing those communities and surrounding townships a fun, all abilities skate facility. To see when it will be in your area, download the Relocation Calendar (PDF 2.1MB).

The mobile ramp is maintained and relocated by Mobile Skate Parks Australia, owners and creators of the ramp on a set calendar each year.

Safe Skating

Riding skateboards, rollerblades, BMXs and scooters are popular activities among many local youth and visitors. Remember -  injuries can easily be prevented by wearing basic protective gear - so make sure you wear it! 




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