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Bass Coast Aquatic & Leisure Centre Redevelopment Plans

The master plan for the redevelopment of the Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre has been completed and was adopted by Council on 6 September 2015.

Redevelopment Plans

Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre Master Plan (PDF 446KB) 
Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre Master Plan Staging (PDF 277KB)
Elevations (PDF 487KB)
External Views (PDF 350KB)
Internal Views (PDF 462KB)


About the Centre

The Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre is the Shire’s only integrated indoor aquatic and leisure centre, and currently provides an indoor 25m x 6 lane pool, a toddler’s pool, a health club, and a single indoor court stadium. The Centre also provides a community meeting room and pavilion for the adjacent outdoor tennis courts.

The detailed design process to assess options for the redevelopment of the Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre have been developed by ML Design Architects, and Council conducted stakeholder and community feedback on the designs in September/October 2014.

About the Design

The design for the redevelopment of the Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre is based around a number of key criteria.  These criteria and the design responses are:

Criteria:                 Clear entry, logical access paths and way finding

Response:              Access to the new centre will be from a new entry to the east of the existing centre facing an expanded car park  to the south.  The entry is clearly visible from the approach on Wentworth Road. There is a defined drop off point and adjacent disabled parking at the entry.  The entry to the Centre comprises a welcoming reception area and café. Within the centre there will be clearly defined pathways leading to the new wet and dry activity spaces.  Separate access will be provided for groups with bus parking on Wentworth Road and access to the centre for groups from the north.  There will also be a dedicated road access and entry for deliveries and service vehicles to the north of the centre.

Criteria:                 Separation of Wet and Dry activity spaces

Response:              The new centre will provide a separation of wet and dry activity spaces.  From the reception area, an access spine heading north will lead directly to male/ female and family change rooms for pool users, all of which will have direct access to the main pool hall. Alternatively from the reception there will be an access corridor heading west through the redeveloped existing centre that will access dry change rooms and a range of dry based facilities, including the fitness gymnasium, the stadium, and the program and spin rooms.

Criteria:                Prominent visibility of water based activity spaces from external approach

Response:             The water based activities comprise of a 25m x 8 lane pool, a program (warm-water) pool, a learn to swim pool, and a water play area.  All are to be situated in a highly visible location abutting Wentworth Road.  Water based activities will be seen by passing traffic on Wentworth Road and will be clearly visible on approach to the centre and from the entry and café.

Criteria:                Maximise efficiency in the redevelopment and reuse of the existing building

Response:             The design proposes a totally new pool hall to the east of the existing centre allowing the existing centre to be adapted into a range of new dry facilities.  This is a cost effective solution as the pool areas are all consolidated in a new structure allowing the old building to be creatively adapted for new dry based activities. This will include redeveloping the existing pool shell into a new recycled water storage tank under a new stadium floor.

Criteria:                 Minimise disruption to the operation of the existing centre during building works

Response:              The design allows for the construction of the new pool hall to be undertaken without any major interruption to the existing pool and gym during the building works.  The new pool hall will be located to the east of the existing centre allowing the existing pool to continue to operate up until the new pool is open.

Criteria:                Ability to deliver the redevelopment in a number of distinct stages

Response:             The master plan shows how the redeveloped Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre can be logically developed over a number of stages in line with demand and economic parameters.

  • Stage 1 encompasses the new entry and reception area, café, occasional childcare space, a new 25m x 8 lane pool with associated change and support facilities. The water based provision is enlarged to include a program/learn to swim pool and a water play activity area.
  • Stage 2 redevelopment of and extending the existing pool hall to the north to construct a two court stadium
  • Stage 3 redevelopment of the current gym and court areas to construct a new gym, program and spin rooms plus new dry change rooms and other associated facilities.
  • Stage 4 Further court development subject to demand
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