Mayor's Message

Mayor's Message - 2 February 2018

As the President of the Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo, I am often involved in planning events and working with other volunteers at sausage sizzles. Sausage sizzles are so quintessentially Australian – who doesn’t love a sausage in bread? In Cowes alone on Australia Day, we threw 900 sausages on the barbeque, Corinella fed another 300 people and there would have been at least two thousand sausages devoured across Inverloch, Wonthaggi, San Remo and everywhere in between on that magnificent day.

While the number of events (and sausages) are not necessarily a measure of our economic growth, they certainly reflect how we, as a shire, are tracking in relation to a vibrant and happy community.  However, what is a measure of economic growth, is GRP (gross regional product), and I am delighted to report that according to the 2017 Victorian Auditor General’s Office draft report, Bass Coast Shire is the third strongest GRP of all Victorian Councils, beaten only by Wyndham and Melton. We are certainly tracking in the right direction.

We have had so many events and activities happening over summer and, whilst the kids might be back at school and adults back to work, the events continue. This coming weekend the Woolamai Cup will provide a great country picnic race day. Next weekend the San Remo Channel Challenge and Inverloch disabled surfers event will both be held on Saturday February 17.

Another event, which I am looking forward to, is the upcoming Bass Coast Young Leaders Awards. Council recognises two students from each school at an Awards ceremony held at Inverloch’s RACV Resort. It’s an opportunity to recognise student leadership within schools. It’s a fantastic event. I love the diversity of the award recipients, who range from academic and sporty young people to others who demonstrate that leadership encompasses fairness, kindness and being a good friend to peers. 

I have been hearing from many residents in relation to the car ferry proposal; I have heard many diverse opinions and can understand the main concerns facing those for and against a potential car ferry.  The draft Business Case will be available to the public on Friday February 16 as an Agenda Item for the Council Meeting the following Wednesday, February 21st, and can be accessed on our website

I would encourage those passionate about this to read the draft business case, and I am keen to ensure that the community sees the facts of what is being suggested within the draft Business Case, and do not rely on the misinformation which has been circulating around the Island.

Once the draft Business Case is released for public exhibition, community feedback will be invited for some two months, which give us all the opportunity to provide comment and get e involved in a respectful, well-informed discussion.


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