Mayor's Message

Mayor's Message - 22 September 2017

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Community Information Session hosted by the Corinella Foreshore Committee of Management, which showcased the result of years of work, releasing the final proposal of the Boating Ramp Upgrade Masterplan.

The session was run professionally and yet had a warmth and welcomeness that community groups do so well.  After seeing these wonderful plans for the improvements to Corinella’s boat ramp, for which I congratulate the Committee of Management, I reflected on how lucky we are to have such committees in our shire. These Committees of Management are appointed as custodians of the Crown Lands along our waterfronts. They are committees of the people, by the people and for the people – and they do it so well!

They are great example of participatory democracy. They reveal the latent capacity and expertise in our communities, and the willingness of people to volunteer for the betterment of where they live. I, thank you all for your dedication and passion to your communities.

Volunteers of course come in all guises; and we know in Bass coast we have some 23% of our population involved in some volunteering capacity, which is above the state average of 19%. These are people who often perform thankless tasks for the benefit of others.

Last week I attended the annual luncheon hosted by the Phillip Island Red Cross, thanking all volunteers outside the Red Cross, who have assisted them throughout the year. In true Red Cross fashion the event was focussed on graciously thanking the ‘associate’ volunteers, against a backdrop of an abundance of delicious Red Cross homemade tucker. Well done Red Cross.

On Monday night we hosted another fruitful Facebook Q&A session on our new three bin system. The atmosphere in the office during these Q&A’s is electric, with keyboard warriors ready to read and respond to the cascade of questions from the community. It is such a fantastic method of us reaching and informing the community, it also allows for community conversations connecting with each other as well as with us. During the Q&A we had almost 150 comments and reached about 6,500 people, this number has more than doubled since!

And finally, congratulations and good luck to the Phillip Island Soccer Club where all seven teams, one in each age group, reached the Gippsland Soccer League Grand Finals. After the recent amazing display from the Matildas, I hope the local teams are feeling energized and inspired for their big games ahead. We shall all be barracking for you. Good luck to you all.

Cr Pamela Rothfield, Mayor
Bass Coast Shire Council

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