Mayor's Message

Mayor's Message - 12 March 2018

What an amazing week I’ve had, with the highlight being our International Women’s Day (IWD) Breakfast last Thursday. I have to say a huge thank you to Cape Kitchen who put on a fabulous morning – their generosity enabled us to celebrate IWD in style, surrounded by the magnificent coastline that so defines our life in Bass Coast. Joanne Hakanson was a tremendous guest speaker, whose ability to explain cancer and the importance of cancer trials and treatment options, in layperson’s terms, was fantastic.

Our Council recently had the priviledge of meeting with Melbourne City Council’s Acting Lord Mayor, Arron Woods. Arron is an environmentalist, a business person, a father of young children, and a Councillor. The conversation with Arron was fascinating. We discussed some of Melbourne hot topics and drew some parallels with our own. Arron spoke about recent recycling programs being trialled in Melbourne, most notably a project working with cafes and restaurants to change the waste culture in the city, by introducing organics dehydration technology and sharing recycling collection points. It will be interesting to watch the development of these technologies and their uptake.

I also had the wonderful opportunity of presenting the Bass Coast YAC (Your Art Collection) Award at last weekend’s Inverloch Art Show, an annual event which is launched at the start of the Inverloch Jazz Festival. Congratulations and thanks to the volunteers who have driven the Inverloch Art Show for an astounding 32 years, raising money for food parcels for local families in need. Over these 32 years, thousands of families would have been assisted by these food parcels, which are distributed through Bass Coast Health. The success of the art show is underpinned by the community support, and the amazing artworks by so many very talented local artists.

This year also marked the 25th anniversary of the Inverloch Jazz Fest – such an outstanding event. Like Rhyll, Inverloch is one of the special coastal hamlets of Bass Coast – a tourist destination treasure within our region. Inverloch too, has a very strong sense of community, which is very evident when attending the Jazz Festival activities over the weekend. Over 20 community groups participated in the Annual Jazz Festival Parade, organised this year by the Inverloch Men’s Shed – it is an outstanding demonstration of the strength and fabric of the Inverloch community.

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