Council Plans & Policies

Council's Vision

Each year we review our Vision, Mission and Values to make sure that we are serving our community in a consistent and fair way.

If you find that any of our services are not meeting these values, please contact us.


Bass Coast will be known as a region that supports a sustainable and healthy community, and values and protects its natural assets


We will engage with and advocate for our community to ensure equity and balance between liveability and environmental protection and be accountable for our financial management in realising the community’s vision




Customer Focus

We will continue to develop effective relationships with customers.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to improving our processes and service delivery.


We take pride in and promote our achievements, our staff and our organisation.


We act and make decisions that are fair, honest, open and accountable.


We treat people with dignity and respect.


We value and recognise contributions towards achieving the Bass Coast Vision.  We listen, understand, consult and respond to our community and staff.  We provide accurate, timely and relevant information.

You can find more information about our Vision, Mission and Values in our Council Plan.

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