Acknowledgement, Policy of

Bass Coast Shire Council has demonstrated ongoing commitment to the principles of reconciliation through introducing a statement of acknowledgement at Council meetings and flying the Aboriginal flag permanently at key Council sites.

Appointment of Section 86 Special Committees Policy

This Policy recognises the important role that committees play in providing advice and/or services to Council.

Asset Management Policy and Strategy

The Asset Management Policy and Strategy provide a framework for Council's long-term management of its infrastructure and associated assets.

Code of Conduct

Bass Coast Shire Council has developed a Code of Conduct for all employees to reflect the underlying principle that all of its business be conducted legally, ethically and with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism to ensure corporate governance standards are upheld.

Community Engagement Policy

This policy outlines Council's statement of intent regarding community engagement and aims to increase Council's performance in relation to community engagement.

Community Grants Program Policy

The Community Grants Program Policy sets the objectives of the Community Grants Program and the framework that will allow the facilitation of the Program.

Complaint Handling Policy

Council's Complaint Policy and associated documents are modelled on the Victorian Ombudsman's Guide to Complaint Handling for Victorian Public Sector Agencies.

Compliance and Enforcement Policy

This policy aims to help Council achieve an acceptable level of legislative compliance; foster prompt, consistent and effective action by Council officers in response to allegations/complaints relating to unlawful activities; and encourage Council officers to proactively manage compliance and enforcement issues.

Council Owned and Managed Land Occupancy Policy

This Policy provides the guiding principles for the leasing, licensing and delegated committees for the occupation of Council owned and managed buildings and land (including crown land).

Customer Service Charter

The standards we commit to in order to meet the needs and expectations of our community.

Electronic Gaming Machine Policy

This policy has been developed to define Council’s role, effort and investment in influencing policy, regulations and making local responses to issues related to gambling and gaming policy and support services.

Events Policy

The Events Policy defines Council's role in supporting, managing and evaluating events. It outlines the process for communicating about events and for determining the level of Council support.

Fraud Policy

As fraud constitutes a significant risk to any organisation, it is appropriate that a culture of ethical conduct be developed to recognise and avoid fraud and to deal appropriately with any cases of fraud.

Funds Investment Policy

This policy aims to preserve capital, maximise return of funds and provide benefit to the community through Council's investment business.

Land Management Rebate Policy

Council is committed to protecting and enhancing its natural environment and encouraging sustainable agriculture.

Procurement Policy & Principles

Procurement Policy ensures total value for money, provides accountability and improves business relationships.

Protected Disclosures

Council has Operating Procedures in place under the Protected Disclosures Act 2012

Provision of Resources to Councillors Policy

The elected Councillors must be provided with a range of resources to enable them to effectively carry out their role

Risk Management Policy

Council uses risk management as a driver to improve performance in all aspects of its operations and practices.

Road Discontinuance and Sale of Non-Government Land from the Roads Policy

This policy aims to make sure that we comply with legislation when roads are discontinued and the land is sold, and to equally spread costs to affected parties.

Sponsorship Policy

This policy aims to provide clarity to help Council make decisions about providing or receiving sponsorships.

Tree Maintenance Policy

The objective of the Policy is to provide guidelines to ensure consistency in the maintenance of tree assets on Council managed land.

Urban Roads and Drainage Improvement Policy

This Policy sets priorities for urban road and drainage upgrades.

Working Together Policy

At Bass Coast Shire Council we value the right of every employee, Councillor, contractor, volunteer and customer to be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy.

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