Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans help Council to deliver the service outcomes the Community desires. Council has several Asset Management Plans already adopted and is working through each asset class to develop plans for all infrastructure including Roads and Bridges, Pathways, Drainage, Buildings and other assets that Council manages.

Aspirational Network Pathways Plan 2016

Our pathway network is an important and well utilised asset however, it isn't fully complete and there are still gaps in the network that now need to be prioritised and planned for.

Disability Action Plan 2016-2020

The Disability Action Plan continues our social and capital investment to ensure participation and universal access applies to every person living, working and visiting Bass Coast.

Fraud and Corruption Control Plan

The Fraud and Corruption Control Plan defines management and employee responsibilities and ensures the implementation of robust practices for the effective detection, investigation and prevention of any fraud or corruption.

Municipal Early Years Plan 2016-2020

The Municipal Early Years Plan will provide guidance to Council for decision making on matters relating to children (zero to 12 years) and their families residing in Bass Coast.

Traffic Management Plans

Council has adopted a number of Traffic Management Plans through public consultation to guide the planning of future traffic management throughout the Shire

Waste Management Strategy 2015 - 2025

The focus of the strategy is to increase recovery of recyclable materials, reduce waste to landfill, and consider alternative waste technologies.

Youth Action Plan

Bass Coast Shire Council Youth Action Plan 2016-2020, supporting documentation and digital stories prepared by young people to promote and support the Youth Action Plan.

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