Off-Leash Dog Areas - San Remo and Phillip Island

We have identified potential off-leash dog walking areas in San Remo and Phillip, and we are seeking your feedback on the proposed areas.

Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans help Council to deliver the service outcomes the Community desires. Council has several Asset Management Plans already adopted and is working through each asset class to develop plans for all infrastructure including Roads and Bridges, Pathways, Drainage, Buildings and other assets that Council manages.

A Better Bass Coast - Council Plan and Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan 2017-21

The Council Plan is a vision for the future of the Shire and includes plans for how this will be achieved.

Communication and Engagement Strategy

All members of the community were invited to share their views about how Council communicates, what could be improved and what works well.

Cowes Revitalisation Projects

A number of projects have been identified in the Cowes Activity Centre Plan endorsed by Council in June 2015.

Phillip Island and San Remo Visitor Economy Strategy 2035 Growing Tourism

The Phillip Island Tourism and San Remo Visitor Economy Strategy 2035 will set the long-term tourism vision for Phillip Island and San Remo for the next 20 years.

Rural Engagement Group

Council is seeking expressions of interest from those involved in agriculture in Bass Coast to join an advisory committee.

Sport & Active Recreation Needs Assessment (SARNA)

The Sport and Active Recreation Needs Assessment aims to understand the needs of local sporting clubs, recreation groups and resident.

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