2016 Council Election

The 2016 Council Election was held on Saturday 22 October.

Council elections provide residents and ratepayers with the opportunity to elect Councillors who they believe will represent their interests and community. Bass Coast Shire Council’s Elections are conducted by postal vote, and the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) manages the election process. Residents must be on the Voters Roll to vote at the election or to stand for election as a Councillor. The Voters Roll closed at 4.00pm on Friday 26 August 2016.

Which ward am I in?

Voters elect representatives for the Bass Coast Shire Council ward in which they live. You can visit the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) website to find out which ward you are in or download a map showing the three new ward boundaries (PDF 2.3MB). This new ward structure started from the General Election on 22 October 2016.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1989, conducted an electoral representation review and of Bass Coast Shire Council. The VEC made a recommendation to the Minister for Local Government, which was accepted, that Bass Coast Shire Council should consist of nine Councillors elected from three three-Councillor wards.

2016 Candidate election campaign donations

Within 40 days after a Council election, candidates must provide the details of any gifts, goods or services of $500 or more, which they received in connection with their election campaign.

We are required to publish the summary of candidate election campaign donations online.

Under the Local Government Act 1989 the CEO must ensure a summary of each Election Campaign Donation Return is made available on Council's website.

 The following candidates in the recent Bass Coast Shire Council General Election submitted an Election Campaign Donation Return in accordance with Section 62 of the Local Government Act 1989.

2016 Candidate election campaign donations
Candidate Was a gift declared on the return? Details of gift/s
Leslie Larke No gift disclosed N/A
Mohan De Run Yes $1195 – received from Trade & Logistics Management P/L
Jessica Harrison Yes $100 – received from R. Wentwell
$200 – received from B. Banks
$50 – received from N. Miller
Julian Brown No gift disclosed N/A
Peter Dalmau No gift disclosed N/A
Brett Tessari Yes

$1986.40 – received from Marshall Manufacturing (donation information amended 8-2-2018)
$100 – received from R & E Osborne

Neil Rankine No gift disclosed N/A
Maxwell Wells No gift disclosed N/A
Mark Robertson No gift disclosed N/A
Michael Whelan No gift disclosed N/A
Maurice Schinkel No gift disclosed N/A
Valerie Ogier Yes $2500 – received by P. Thornborrow
Kimberley Brown No gift disclosed N/A
Rodney Spottiswood No gift disclosed N/A
Philip Wright No gift disclosed N/A
Stephen Fullarton No gift disclosed N/A
Pamela Rothfield Yes $1043 – received by 12 residents at $87 each
Ruth Partridge No gift disclosed N/A
Geoffrey Ellis Yes $50 – received from G. Lonergan
$400 – received from B. Blackburne
$100 – received from L. Adams
Bruce Kent No gift disclosed N/A
Mikhaela Barlow Yes $250 – received from G. Barlow
Clare Le Serve Yes $500 – received from K. Chambers
Bradley Drew No gift disclosed N/A
Ashley Lamers Yes Donation Summary received after 1 December $520 – received from C. Wheto
$160 – received from Alex Scott & Staff
$150 – received from TNT Explozie Print


Caretaker Period and Election Period Policy

We have adopted an Election Period Policy (PDF 246kb) and Procedural Guidelines to explain how we will conduct our business immediately before an election.

This is to ensure that Council elections are not compromised by inappropriate electioneering by existing Councillors and to safeguard the authority of the incoming Council.

Becoming a Councillor

If you aged over 18, on the electoral roll, and looking for an opportunity to contribute to the future direction and development of your community, you should consider standing for Council.

Being a Councillor provides an exciting challenge and an opportunity to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of the local community. A Councillor’s role is exciting but also demanding, and prospective candidates need to find out what is involved before nominating for election.

Find out more about what it means to be a Councillor:

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