Local Laws

Our Local Laws enable our community and visitors to enjoy a safe and healthy environment without having their peace and enjoyment interfered with or destroyed.


What do Local Laws cover?

Items covered under our Local Laws include, but are not limited to:

Need to know more?

More information is contained within our Local Law No 1 Neighbourhood Amenity 2012. 

Local Law No. 1 Neighbourhood Amenity 2012

Local laws ensure a safe and healthy environment in which the residents can enjoy quality of life.

Camping on Private & Public Land

Camping on Council land, in a public place or on private land may require a permit

Dangerous or Unsightly Land

It is the responsibility of land owners and occupiers to keep their land in a safe and reasonable state.

Other Local Laws

We have local laws that relate to a range of areas including camping, alcohol in public places, advertising signs, fire hazards, dangerous or unsightly land and litter.

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