Wonthaggi Cemetery Master Plan

The Wonthaggi Cemetery Master plan (PDF 3.8MB) has been developed and reviewed to include the community’s feedback (PDF 315kb). The Cemetery Trust adopted the plan at the Council meeting on 15 July 2015.

Proposed Drainage Strategy (PDF 2.55MB)

There are seven cemeteries in Bass Coast. We manage the Wonthaggi and San Remo Cemeteries on behalf on the Department of Human Services.

Wonthaggi and San Remo Cemetery Trust meeting

Next meeting:

Wednesday, 13 June 2018
Civic Centre Council Chamber, Wonthaggi

Who is the contact for my local cemetery?

For more information on the Wonthaggi and San Remo Cemeteries, including costings, please contact the Cemetery Management Officer on 1300 BCOAST (226 278).

The other five cemeteries within Bass Coast Shire are managed by Trusts. The Department of Health, Victoria provides the public with a link to find the fees and locations of cemeteries & cemetery trusts. Click on the link and follow the search guidelines. http://remote.health.vic.gov.au/cemeteries

Cemetery records

If you would like more information about the burial of a family member, please be aware that many records were kept on a voluntary basis in the past, so some records are not complete. Records from the San Remo Cemetery were also lost in a fire some years ago. There is also information that due to privacy requirements under the Cemeteries Act may not be available.

About our cemeteries

The oldest cemetery in the Shire is in Corinella and dates back to 1879. Council looks after the Wonthaggi and San Remo Cemeteries on behalf of the Victorian Government Department of Human Services. Our responsibilities for these cemeteries include:

  • arranging the maintenance of cemetery grounds and preparation of graves
  • record keeping and reporting
  • provision of information from records to members of the public (in accordance with the Privacy Act)
  • planning for future cemetery needs

Both cemeteries provide burials in either lawn or monumental sections, or the interment of ashes in a niche wall. Wonthaggi Cemetery also has a memorial wall.

Friends of Wonthaggi/San Remo Cemeteries

If you would like to assist in the development of the cemeteries, garden and grounds maintenance volunteers are welcome to join our Friends of the Cemetery groups for each cemetery. Please contact our Cemetery Management Officer on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211 or cemeteries@basscoast.vic.gov.au for more information.

Wonthaggi and San Remo Cemetery Charter November 2014

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